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Bamboo Lignin Logic

01/01/20 - 01/01/21

In January 2020 ArtEZ Future Makers started a new SIA KIEM research project by the name of Bamboo Lignin Logic.

Tropical hardwood used for construction and interior causes a lot of damage to vulnerable tropical forests (deforestation, nutrient extraction, irreplaceable damage to biodiversity and animal life, undesirable working conditions for local workers). Bamboo seems to be a good alternative, but it is still mainly imported from Asia with a negative impact on the footprint of bamboo products. European-grown bamboo would, as a useful alternative to Asian bamboo and tropical hardwoods, significantly reduce the negative footprint.

Center of Expertise Future Makers from ArtEZ University of the Arts investigates together with bamboo producer Bamboologic and designer Floor Beckering whether the bamboo produced in Portugal can be of sufficient quality based on the natural binding material lignin. An important partner in this regard is Stichting Hout Research (SHR), which has a great deal of knowledge in the field of Asian bamboo and is very interested in testing the qualities of European bamboo wood and to look for interesting application areas. Masters students from Wageningen University & Research will conduct partial research.