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Going Circular Going Cellulose – workseminar


On Wednesday March 4th, Future Makers organized a workseminar for the research project Going Circular Going Cellulose. The seminar was a closing meeting to retrieve the results of work package 4 (circular design). The goal was to also make these results transferable to the professional field and education.


The involved designers presented their projects and reflected on their design process and on the collaboration with various industry stakeholders. Zinzi de Brouwer presented the design guidelines developed by her and the associated toolkit. Anja Köppchen presented the reflections on the monitoring process of the design projects in collaboration with industry partners. The seminar ended with a discussion on important themes and issues and the conclusions regarding circular design and co-creation with various stakeholders in the chain.

The video below gives an impression on the workseminar and the results of this particular work package as part of Going Circular Going Cellulose.