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Official launch – GIST


In February the already existing collaboration between WUR and ArtEZ was formalized, in collaboration with Kiemt, during the official launch of GIST – Gelderse Innovators Sustainable Textiles. 

GIST, the Dutch Circular Textile Valley hub in the field of Design and Bio-materials, is a collaboration between KIEMT, the Circular Fashion Lab of Wageningen University & Research and the CoE Future Makers of ArtEZ University of the Arts, and is supported by the Province of Gelderland.

GIST is a hub for research and innovation projects initiated by ArtEZ and WUR – or by important regional stakeholders in the chain – in collaboration with KIEMT. The movement towards a circular economy requires the radical rethinking of existing systems for fashion and textiles (“new regime”). It is less about optimizing the current system (“old regime”). That is why GIST opts for a radical and experimental approach aimed at creating a “new textile regime” through research and the development of (disruptive) innovations.

GIST’s mission is to make the desired and necessary connections between important regional stakeholders in the chain (designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, governments) on the basis of concrete research and innovation projects. The purpose of those connections is threefold:
1. Developing knowledge for all partners (research from design perspective, knowledge development);
2. Sharing, making accessible and applicable of knowledge, test and lab facilities for all partners (knowledge sharing, valorisation);
3. Dissemination of knowledge and concrete results to a wide audience (social awareness and involvement).


More information on GIST can be found on