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Labyrinth of Sustainability – recap


We look back on a very succesfull exhibition at the Embassy of Sustainable Design during the Dutch Design Week this year.
About 20.000 people visited the embassy and with that, our installation ‘The Labyrinth of Sustainable Design’. This labyrinth invited people to design their ideal sustainable T-shirt. At the end of their journey through the Labyrinth, visitors would receive a sustainability percentage. To their surprise, this percentage was often not as high as expected.

Visitors were then told to visit our website to find out more about their choices and why they were sustainable or not.

Our main goal was to make people think about the various design possibilities and their environmental or sustainable consequences. Based on the amount of possitive feedback we can say that we’ve succeeded in achieving this goal.

We will publish the exact outcomes of the various choices made in the Labyrinth later on.