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Dissolving the Ego of Fashion – Engaging with Human Matters


  • Daniëlle Bruggeman, Arnhem, 2018

Dissolving the Ego of Fashion explores critical theories and practices that help to better understand and rethink the cracks in the fashion system and the role that fashion plays – and could potentially play – in relation to urgent socio-cultural, environmental and political developments in contemporary society. Daniëlle Bruggeman focuses on the importance of envisioning an alternative and more engaged future of fashion that does more justice to fashion’s human dimension. This entails fundamentally redefining the value systems from which we work, live, and engage with each other and with the material resources of the earth. Due to its power of imagination, fashion can function as a tool to conceptualize and realise a more meaningful, inclusive, engaged, joyful, resilient – and above all more human – future society.

You can purchase the book here.