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Lucie Huiskens | Program manager CoE

Lucie Huiskens, with a background in linguistics and business administration, currently works at ArtEZ as program coordinator for CLICKNL|NextFashion and for Centre of Expertise Future Makers. After more than 15 years in business and (design)management, she has been working for the past 10 years to strengthen innovation, professionalisation and entrepreneurship in the creative sector for, amongst others,  Premsela Platform for Design & Fashion, Cultuur-Ondernemen, and as an independent consultant.


Anne Hendriks | Managementassistant

Anne Hendriks, graduated in 2016 as a MsC in Cultural Management from the University of Antwerp. Since January of 2017, she works as a management assistant at the Centre of Expertise Future Makers. During her studies she has been working in the cultural and creative sector for, amongst others, Impakt, Jonge Harten theaterfestival and Grand Theatre.


José Teunissen | Professor Fashion Theory

José Teunissen holds a Professorship of Fashion Theory and Research at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands and works as an independent fashion curator. She is currently a board member of The New Institute and a board member of Dutch Creative Industries Council. She is also chair of the network CLICK/Next Fashion the governmental innovation network for the creative industries. Research interests focuses on fashion as performance, identity and presentation. Among her publications are Global Fashion, Local Tradition (Terra, 2005), The Power of Fashion (Terra & ArtEZ Press, 2006), Fashion & Imagination (ArtEZ Press & d’jonge Hond, 2009), The New Man (ArtEZ Press, d’jonge Hond, 2010), Couture Graphique (Terra Lannoo, Moti 2013), Fashion Odyssey (ArtEZ Press 2013).